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Best Unique Tea Kettles Reviews and Ratings 2014

Copper Tea Kettles Add to Kitchen Decor

No stove is complete without a lovely copper kettle sitting on a back burner of the stove, which is often a focal point in most kitchens. Copper kettles make great gifts for all the tea connoisseurs in your life. They blend with most kitchen décor and can be used as much for decoration, as for daily cups of tea.
Copper tea kettles are known for their stylish appearance and durability. Copper is a great heat conductor, therefore provide a quick boiling time. Most sizes can heat liquid in a matter of minutes. 
Copper kettles date back to historic times, in which they were used primarily for decorative purposes. Cast iron kettles were the more popular choice in those days. However, in modern times copper kettles can be used on both electric and gas ranges, and are more energy efficient than cast iron due to their quick boil time.

Copper has become the favorite choice over cast-iron kettles, and some even prefer them over more fragile glass kettles and tea pots.
Copper kettles come in various levels of quality and range in durability and price. Some are best used for home decorating, however, more expensive kettles have a protective coating to help avoid discoloration.

All copper kettles eventually need buffing to keep them looking like new. It is recommended to use a copper kettle over medium to low flame or temperature. A consistently high temperature can shorten the life of the kettle. 
Lovely copper kettles come in different styles and shapes. Some are smooth and polished, while others are hammered, offering a somewhat less shiny finish. Handles are usually made of metal with a wooden or ceramic grip, which stays cool enough to pick up with the naked hand.

The spouts on most copper kettles are made of brass, which is easier to form into a shape that is easy to pour from.   Some kettles even come with a lovely whistle that makes its familiar sound to let you know your tea is ready to be enjoyed.
No matter what shape or style you choose, your copper kettle will become a focal part of your kitchen décor, but be admired and enjoyed by family and friends for years to come.
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