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Best Electric Deep Fryers Reviews and Ratings 2014

Electric Deep Fryers - The Pros of Buying an Electric Deep Fryer

Buying a commercial deep fryer for your restaurant or home? Not sure whether you to choose electric or propane?

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Wondering which is more efficient and economical? If you want to know all about the pros of buying an electric fryer, read on.

1. Built-in Heating Mechanism

Unlike propane fryers, electric fryers have a built-in heating mechanism that directly heats the oil. Because of this, the fryer heats up more quickly and more efficiently than a propane version would. This makes electric fryers energy efficient.

2. Oil Recovery

Electrics are also more efficient in providing steady heat. Because of this, they are able to recover heat more quickly than propane ones between frying cycles.

3. Cost

Although gas used to cost lower than electricity, recent events and the building of hydroelectric dams in various areas of the United States have decreased the price of electricity. Now, in most states, electricity is cheaper. Thus, buying an electric fryer is more economical option.

Best Electric Deep Fryers
4. Portability

Because they are not tied down to a gas line, electric fryers are easier to transfer and carry around than propane fryers.

These four things show you the pros of buying an electric deep fryer. So, what are you waiting for? If you want energy-efficiency and reduced energy costs, electric is really the way to go. So, get off that seat and head on to the nearest kitchen appliance store now and get yourself one. I guarantee it, you won't regret the investment.

Good luck and happy cooking!

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