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Best Wok Reviews 2014

Chinese Wok Cooking - Best Wok to Buy

Stir-frying and searing in hot oil is a popular cooking technique among the cooks throughout Asia.

The most important piece of cookware in their kitchen is the highly versatile Chinese wok or skillet pan, sometimes referred to as Asian wok.

In the olden days, these were round bottom and made of cast iron. Chinese wok cooking has a 2000 year history. In fact, most olden Chinese homes have just a wok and an earthen pot as their entire best cookware set, dishing out delicious, sophisticated everyday meals for the entire extended family members.

Why is cooking with a wok so versatile, so practical, so flexible?

The secret lies in its concave shape. It heat up quickly and evenly and retains heat well. It can be used to steam, stir-fry, simmer, braise, make sauces, deep-fry or boil practically any Chinese dish, all done in an energy-efficient way. Very little oil needed when stir-frying, is another attractive feature of the Chinese wok. Yes, it has almost unlimited uses, a highly efficient kitchen utensil.

What is the best wok to buy?

The carbon steel, 18/10 stainless steel, non-stick, preseasoned cast-iron and electric woks, are preferred by the modern cooks, for convenience and aesthetic reasons but Chinese chefs swear by their iron woks.

A heavy-gauge stainless steel wok or cast-iron one that does not tip over easily, or hard-anodized non-stick that do not scratch when used with metal spatula, are good buys. Carbon steel ones are cheaper, lighter and thus easier to use and if properly seasoned, make great durable non-stick cooking skillet pans. Teflon-coated ones are not highly recommended as they scratch easily and cannot withstand high heat needed for successful stir-frying.

Buy a flat bottom wok to fit the modern gas or electric stove tops or get a wok ring to put on the gas stove if you prefer a round bottom one. The disadvantage is that the round bottom would be slightly raised above the flame. High heat is the key to successful stir-frying, so the closer it is to the flame, the better the results.

A round bottom wok has a wider area to work with compared with a flat bottom one. The sloping concave sides means you can safely stir-fry without worrying about food splashing or spilling out, besides being easier to scoop out the cooked food with the metal spatula. Deep frying is also much easier with less oil needed to cover the food due to its round bottom.

An iron or carbon steel one needs to be seasoned before it can be used. After rinsing it, just apply a thin layer of vegetable oil and heat it for one hour, preferably in the oven.

A preseasoned cast-iron wok by the manufacturer takes the trouble out of doing it yourself, such as the Lodge Pro Logic cast iron wok. If properly seasoned, it will result in a natural, non-toxic, non-stick surface. However, whether carbon steel or cast-iron, these types tend to rust easily and it is recommended to dry it thoroughly over heat each time after using and re-seasoned it each time after use.

In stir-frying, a little oil is added to a heated hot wok, then flavor enhancers are added, such as garlic, shallots or ginger, lending a fragrant aroma to the dish. Main ingredients are then added one by one, depending on their cooking time, rapidly stirred to mix them up, and cooked in a very short time. It is very important to have all the ingredients prepared ahead of time as the whole process is over in a matter of minutes.

Ingredients must also be cut to around the same size so that they cook evenly.

Wok cooking is a fun and efficient way to cook healthy and nutritious meals. Do check out best wok to buy, and start having fun in the kitchen.

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Best Juicers Reviews and Ratings 2014

Juicing for Beginners: Secrets to Choosing the Right Juicer 

Whatever your juicing plans are, here are some secrets to choosing the right juicer:

In a Rush? Here are some of the best rated juicers for your own blends of fresh healthy juice!
Consider the price and warranty
Like mentioned above, a juicing first timer like you should know whether you just want to try the method or make it a staple in your daily diet. Juicers that are on the lower end of the price range may work well, but they usually have very short warranties (3-6 months). 
The motor of cheaper juicers usually wear out within a year and some models even need blade replace just after 4 months of purchase. If you're into juicing for the long haul, it is advisable that you go for a model that's a little more expensive to ensure quality.
Consider the yield
Low-cost juicers usually work by ejecting the pulp in order to produce juice. This means that you are not getting the most out of your fruits and vegetables; you are probably wasting 1 glass with every 2 glasses of juice you consume. 
Go for juicers that keep the pulp within the basket because they usually produce about 40 percent more juice. Remember, saving money by buying a cheap juicer but spending 2 or 3 times more on fresh produce is not cost-effective at all.
Top Rated Juicers Reviews 2014
Consider the machine's power
A common mistake that a juicing first timer makes when choosing a juicer is looking for a juicer that has high RPM (rotations per minute) instead of watts in regards to the machine's power. The higher the RPM, the faster your juice will oxidize and lose all its essential nutrients. 
The RPM only measures the blade's rotation per minute, but watts are actually the motor's source of power. So when shopping for a quality juicer, be sure to take into consideration a model that has high watts.
Consider the ease of cleaning
One of the most tedious parts of the juicing process is cleaning the juicer every time you use it. So if you're going through a juice cleanse, you will be juicing at least 4-5 times a day. 
Imagine how tiring that is! Fortunately, there are plenty of models that advertise having easy-to-clean parts or fewer parts to clean. There are also juicers that come in parts that are dishwasher-friendly, so that's also a good choice especially if you're on a juice cleanse.

Choosing the right juicer doesn't have to be difficult, just take into consideration the factors mentioned above and you will definitely be a happy juicing first timer!
Healthy dieting and eating is Donna H.'s passion and it has changed her life. With over a decade of experience and advice from nutritional experts, Donna spends her time writing about what she loves most - nutrition. 
Her newest book, Juicing for Beginners can be purchased on Check out Donna's book for more juicing tips, tricks and recipes for beginners.

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Italian Espresso Cups and Saucer Sets

Espresso Coffee Cups

Up until 1992 all espresso coffee cups could only purchased in either white or with a company logo upon them. It was then the decision of Illy Caffe that they would combine art with espresso and they commissioned Matteo Thun to help design their first espresso cup. 
The design is considered by the owner of Illy Caffe (Francesco Illy) to be the perfect cup even though its design is very simple. Now with many coffee connoisseurs around the world, these types of cups have become collector's items.
In fact for many when it comes to collecting espresso coffee cups it is almost akin to them collecting some forms of artwork. The cups designed today each have their own artist who will produce his/her own particular design and will contain some of their own personal style within them. 
Italian Espresso Cups and Saucers
Today there are many up and coming artists who have now designed cup collections as a way of getting themselves known and making their artwork available to the general public.
Today all companies that produce such cups will have a particular numbering system in place which allows them to limit the number that are produced. 
Plus you will also find that they limit the time in which these cups will be available before they remove them from the shelves and bring in a completely new design. You will find that with each of the Illy collector cups and their accompanying saucers has been signed and numbered on the base.

Plus inside the cup itself you will see it says "Illy Collection". However those cups and saucers which are used in restaurants and are therefore part of a bar set will only say "Illy Espresso" on them and will neither have a number of being signed. 
Other cups that are now being produced are those by FrancisFrancis! and Saeco. The FrancisFrancis! collections come with both a number and a signature on them just like the Illy collections, whilst the Saeco espresso coffee cups will only signed on the base.
Each set of cups when purchased comes in a display box and in some cases you may find that the manufacturers have also included coffee with them as well.
Today because espresso coffee cups have become extremely popular, getting hold of the older versions can be very difficult and also be very expensive. 
Certainly as soon as any series of cups is no longer available to be brought through a retail outlet then the only way to obtain this through buying them from another collector. 
One set of Trazzine espresso coffee cups which a person could have purchased in 1994 for $109 is now up for sale by a collector for $700. So certainly as you can see these cups are not just for drinking your espressos.
Ricky Lim runs [], a saeco espresso machine reviews site. Visit his site today for more reviews such as the Saeco Primea Touch Plus Espresso Machine Review [].

 Nuova Point Sorrento Brown 6-piece Espresso Cup & Saucer SetCheck Price Nuova Point Milano Collection Set of 6 Espresso Cups in BlueCheck Price Omada M4220TC Spot Turquoise Espresso Cups with Saucers, Set of 2Check Price Nuova Point NPGEI Genova White Italian Cities 6-piece Espresso Cup & Saucer SetCheck Price Deagourmet GEO 8pc White Porcelain Espresso / Demitasse Cup & Saucer SetCheck Price Milano Black Espresso Cups - Set of 6 - Original By Nuova Point ItalyCheck Price Vento Espresso Cup and Saucer (Set of 4)Check Price Set of 6 Cappuccino Cups & Saucers by Cuisinox - White PorcelainCheck Price Nuova Point Milano Collection Set of 6 Espresso Cups in OrangeCheck Price Omada 3 Oz. Espresso Cups with Saucers, Set of 6 (Lille)Check Price Bialetti: Mukka Express 2-Cups + 2 Cow-Spotted Cups for Cappuccino! [ Italian Import ]Check Price 6 Pc Set Espresso Demitasse Cup & SaucerCheck Price

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Best Top Rated Toaster Reviews 2014

Love toast with butter and strawberry jam in the morning? Here are some reviews on the best top rated toasters of 2014!

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Best Top Rated Belgian Waffle Maker Reviews and Ratings 2014

Popular Brands of Belgian Waffle Makers and Waffle Irons - Choosing the Best Belgian Waffle Makers

Prior to every fine purchase on any merchandise, there are actually tons of things that consumers usually take into consideration so as for them to avoid from spending a large sum of money for something that does not worth its price. 
Because of the said reason, factors such as the durability of the product, its features and price tag are often meticulously scrutinized by consumers in order for them to favorably gain helpful information about the product which they are going to procure; otherwise, they will end up buying something that lasts only for a week of use.
The same is definitely true for consumers who are looking for waffle makers and waffle irons having good quality and worth spending for. Picky consumers do not simply rush in on making a product purchase because they basically believe that the dictum 'haste makes waste' is always true. Clinging on that dictum, they try to avoid, as much as possible, from perpetrating indiscriminate squandering of money lest they end up broke.
Best Rated Waffle Irons for Homemade Waffles
When consumers always want to have a rewarding procurement, it is of great significance for them to thoroughly examine the features of the waffle irons they want to buy. It is highly recommended that one should inquire immediately for the warranty of the waffle makers or waffle irons. This is because, more often than not, there are instances in which items or products newly bought would easily get damaged right after a week of use or just at the very first moment of using it.

As there have been cases shown in customer reviews about their dissatisfaction of their newly bought waffle makers, one should therefore find out immediately the waffle maker or waffle irons' warranty and guarantee lest one will be in trouble in the future searching for costly remedies or solutions upon sorting out the problem.
Indeed, it is a nightmare when your newly purchased waffle maker or waffle iron gets busted during the first try. Because unwanted and upsetting situation, like products accidentally ruined, is truly inevitable, one should have the foresight of looking ahead of things.

See to it that the product has one year warranty at the very least and can be repaired for free on some terms and conditions. Checking a product's warranty is perhaps the first and useful step in deciding what to buy. When you would buy something that has a dubious guarantee and has no warranty at all, then prepare yourself for dismal consequences.
Next, check the features and determine them yourself if the waffle maker is really effective and efficient for fast waffle making that will cater your specific needs. Since the waffler is brand-new, double-check its parts, which ought to be in a perfect condition. Double-checking on products' condition is necessary as some brand-new items have factory defects.
And finally, ponder upon the customer reviews on certain products. These genuine reviews are posted online to facilitate consumers in fast decision-making. However, some reviews might be untruthful and thereby mislead you from procuring the desired waffle makers. In cross-examining products, consumers can alternately follow their preferred procedures aside from those mentioned earlier.
Moreover, the following shows the catalog of some popular brands of Belgian Waffle Makers and Waffle Irons which are widely recognized to have top quality:
Please check out more on the best belgian waffle maker products and also visit our cuisinart waffle maker [] and check out there round waffle irons.
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