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Best Top Rated Espresso Machines Reviews and Ratings 2014

Espresso Machines: Some Interesting Facts To Know 


Coffee means aroma. It not just relaxes your senses but make you lively and active just after consuming it. It is consumed while at work or home at any given day.

But it is mostly enjoyed by people with their loved ones and family to enjoy the laid-back days and the coffee conversations. 
Well reasons could be plenty to have a cup of coffee but it's quite clear that coffee is an essential part of everyone's life.
Espresso machines are used to produce traditional Italian coffee named espresso prepared by applying pressurized hot water through the finely ground coffee.
Earlier, to prepare a cup of coffee, it used to be very tedious. Firstly you have to roast the coffee beans and people would grind it until it becomes a fine powder. And then this powder was put into the boiling water to prepare a cup of coffee. After that coffee maker was invented in 19th century, the first espresso machine was invented by Angelo Moriondo of Turin, Italy later new and modified machines were introduced until the emergence of 1960.
Best Top Rated Espresso Machines Reviews and Ratings 2014
Coffee makers have turned this tedious coffee making procedure into simpler one and made the process easier. Unlike the old-fashioned brewing, coffee makers don't need an external source to boil the water to make a cup of coffee.

In this it got two chambers connected - one for the funnel containing the coffee grounds, and other for the boiling water. Boiled water goes into the filter-lined funnel to create a flavorful coffee drink, a process called automatic drip-brew.
There are two basic types of espresso machines used in many homes and offices, they are - pump driven espresso makers and steam powered espresso makers. As the name suggests, in steam-powered espresso maker steam is used to put on pressure on the coffee ground.

This steam is produced by boiling water. It is an inexpensive and the simplest machine for your home. Whereas, in the pump-driven coffee makers; it uses an electric pump to pressurize the water rather than just heat. It is more expensive but definitely gives you better results than the steam ones.
Later, automatic coffee makers were introduced i.e. machine that have grinders, pumps, valves, sensors, display-screens etc. They are more professional in use and brew that perfect cup of coffee each time like any other café or coffee-houses. They are categorized into 3 categories -
>>Super Automatic
The super automatic espresso makers come with an inbuilt grinders and with those digital displays you set the timer, strength, temperature etc. to brew that perfect cup. You just have to add roasted coffee beans and rest functions are controlled by the machine itself.
Coffee is enjoyed by each one of us whether it's a teenager or an adult and it is spread across the globe. Coffee makers have been designed in different ways throughout the ages.
All these coffee makers just made coffee experience unmatched from any other beverages. See how easily you can prepare latte, cappuccino, and Italian Macchiato using espresso machines.

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