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Benefits of Le Creuset Cookware and Bakeware

Advantages of Le Creuset Stoneware Casserole Dishes

Le Creuset are a world wide brand of cookware that is particularly well known for its cast iron enamel cookware. However in 2001 they brought out a new range of ceramic cookware called the Le Creuset Stoneware Range.

Made from special a type of clay they are baked at high temperature to give a quality durable finish. Able to withstand scratches and the hardest baked on food. Very hygienic because it does not take on the taste or smell of the food that is cooked within it.

This quality is particularly sought after from casserole dishes, of which you have a choice of three stoneware casserole dishes.

Petite Round

These small circular casserole dishes you can use to cook separate mini casseroles for your family or guests. Why not try your hand at making individually cooked casseroles, gratins, crumbles, chocolate mousse or sponge cakes. They can also be used for dips or salsas and because you can put them in the microwave they are perfect for heating up snacks and keeping food fresh. You will be proud to have such a stylish dish on your dinner table. Although they are not suitable for the hob as they cannot take direct heat they can be used in a traditional oven or grill. The 0.25 litre capacity is great for freezing those left over casseroles, already to be reheated after a long day at work and as with all Le Creuset cookware they are dishwasher safe.

This Petite Oval Casserole

This is similar to the round casserole dish but is the perfect size for individual pie dishes such as beef crust or fish pie. With a slight larger capacity of 0.3litres they can add some colourful style to anyone's kitchen.

Deep Heart Casserole with Lid

This unique sturdy and fun casserole dish is in the shape of a heart and is perfect for that special occasion especially when entertaining a loved one and would be ideal for a valentines day meal, birthday or anniversary.

Whichever Le Creuset Stoneware casserole dish you choose be sure you look after it and it will give you years of cooking enjoyment.

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