Sunday, February 14, 2016

Best of Kitchen Things This Week

Savory Sweets from Kitchen Things

Sticky, sweet, and totally messy! Monkey bread is a delicious twist on cinnamon buns, and coffee cake. It has wonderfully tart green apples, biscuits (honey butter are my family's favorite), cinnamon, and a homemade caramel sauce, too good! Especially good treat for Sunday brunch - just saying. ;)

A delicious treat just in time for Valentines Day. You can save time and money by making this recipe at home! Create an easy, impressive dessert by dipping juicy strawberries in sweet chocolate. 1 pint (2 cups) medium-large strawberries (18 to 20 strawberries) 1/2 cup semisweet chocolate chips or white vanilla baking chips 1 …

  My husband loves this cake, it’s his very favorite. I love to make this at least a few times a year as a special treat, served warm with chocolate brownie ice cream. It’s so good!   German Chocolate Cake Yields one 9″ cake 2 ounces bittersweet or semisweet chocolate – chopped 2 ounces unsweetened …

I have 40+ recipes for banana bread, cherry bread, blueberry bread, peach mango bread, and pineapple bread. There’s strawberry rolls, orange rolls, mixed berry scones and multiple blueberry muffin recipes.   So many fruity breads and pastries, but none with just raspberries. It was time to change that and show some raspberry love. The bread is loosely based on my Cinnamon Ribbon Bread recipe, …

Remember how I went through that totally weird stage where I was shoveling Brown Butter into my face (and yours) like my life was dependent on it? I hope you look back on that time as fondly as I do, because it’s happening again. However instead of being addicted to golden flecked butter, I am now diving face first into anything Cake Batter flavored. Sure my skinny jeans don’t zip anymore, but I swear I can’t stop smiling. It’s like anything that has the cake batter flavor has a direct line to my happy hormones…or maybe the smile is from all the liquor in the Cake Batter Martini. ?

Cool Things for the Kitchen

Best Rated Nonstick Induction Cookware Sets - A good quality nonstick induction cookware set makes a great gift for any new chef with an induction stove.

There is nothing quite like a warm waffle with maple syrup in the morning!

Red Kitchen Cookware Sets - Red cookware sets look great in the kitchen.

Interesting Chicken Recipes

I came across a website that had a recipe for crockpot orange chicken. While I love the convenience of setting and forgetting dinner, I LOVE crispy orange chicken. Growing up getting chinese take-out was the best thing ever. I honestly ate cream cheese puffs for breakfast. My most recent favorite restaurant for orange chicken is …

Chef Naomi Pomeroy's super-simple chicken, powered by a throw-together marinade.

Crispy deliciousness, I’m making this for dinner tonight! I am going to pair it with brown rice and stir fry vegetables. Baked Honey Garlic Chicken – little chicken nuggets, breaded and baked to a crispy perfection, then drizzled with an amazing sweet, spicy and garlicky sauce. Oh this chicken, …

Things for the Kitchen

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