Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Why Buy an Electric Vegetable Steamer?

Top Reasons to Buy an Electric Vegetable Steamer

Most of us are more than aware that we should eat more vegetables and everyone knows that boiling vegetables does away with a tremendous amount of nutrients in the vegetables.

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On the other hand, using an electric vegetable steamer to steam them will make them look better, cook better, and also taste better than boiling them.

Look at broccoli for instance. It normally has a good-looking dark green color with a lot of firmness, but boil it and it will lose its healthy color as well as turn spongy and mushy. Consider cauliflower - it will have its firm white flowers turn to a dingy creamy yellow as well as wilt into mush when it's boiled.

Beautiful cabbage will turn from green and be rendered into an almost white and may even unfortunately sometimes turn pink. And look at what gorgeous white kernel corn turns into when you boil it - off-white. And then there's poor asparagus! It will lose much of its green color as well as turn to mush when boiled.

While it is highly unfortunate, for some reason many people overcook the vegetables, which takes away their jam-packed nutrition as well as their taste. Truly, vegetables do not need to be cooked to the consistency of mush. Instead their texture should be rendered firm, yet tender enough to chew easily. The longer they are cooked, the more nutrition as well as flavor they will lose.

Realistically, the color that a vegetable has will actually represent its nutritional content. Thus when its natural color is vanished, that is an indication that the nutrition is lost as well.

Consider however, that steamed vegetables using an electric vegetable steamer will retain most of the nutrients within, allowing them to cook to a firm yet thoroughly delightful tenderness. Steamed vegetables in addition to having a firm texture and a richer color also have so much more flavor.

Considering the minor investment of proper electric vegetable steamers, you too can enjoy vegetables in the manner that they were meant to be enjoyed. Steamed Broccoli for instance, will be a healthy, firm green as well as retaining its full rich flavor.

Cauliflower will have its bright white color, and even cabbage will remain green, and be a bit firm, but not crunchy. Carrots are delightful when they retain the bright orange color as well as being sufficiently tender enough to effortlessly eat, yet still remain firm and fresh.

To put it briefly, you will find that vegetables cooked in an electric vegetable steamer will look better, have additional nutrition, taste better and are infinitely better for you. Truth be told, boiling is a true waste of nutrition, and good food should not ever be wasted. Thus, it stands to reason that when you boil your vegetables, then pour the pot liquor into the drain, you are wasting flavor and nutrition. Most electric vegetable steamers are not expensive at all, are easy to use and clean up easily. The benefits are that finally you can serve vegetables as they should be served - colorful, wholesome and nutritious.

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