Monday, November 24, 2014

The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer - For Juicing Goodness

The Omega J8006 Juice Extractor For the Serious Juicer

 By Phil Prince

 The Omega J8006 Juice Extractor is a juicer that has done wonders to my health and goals for new wellness.

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This isn't the run of the mill juicer you see on late night TV ads or the juicer your grandparents had when making fresh orange juice.

The Omega J8006 Juice Extractor will change the way you thought juicing was possible and here are some reasons why.

First off the Omega J8006 Extractor extracts juice differently than other juicers on the market today. Instead of spinning it at high speeds - producing heat, it slowly extracts the juice and pulls the juice out of fruits and vegetables.

This slow and cool pull makes the juice foam free unlike other juicers out there and makes a surprising amount of juice from just a couple pieces of fruits and/or vegetables.

 Most kitchen appliances are big eyesores in your kitchen, but the Omega J8006 Juice Extractor is really stylish and modern looking. With a weight of about 17 pounds it's sturdy and built to last. No need to worry about it slipping off your counter. It looks like a serious appliance which it very much lives up to. It sits very nicely on top of your kitchen counter and with its stylish almost futuristic look it will enhance just about any kitchen.

One small problem I have with the omega J8006 Juice Extractor is the size of the feeder. Some juicers out there you can just put the whole piece of fruit or vegetable right into the feeder. With the Omega you have to cut up the fruit and vegetables a bit because the feeding tube is smaller. But as I'm sure you are aware of cutting up vegetables is a very easy task to do and won't be a bummer to most including myself. The price tag for the Omega J8006 Juice Extractor is definitely not cheap, and it was not meant for someone that just wants a fresh glass of orange or carrot juice in the morning.

This Juicer is for the person who want to make serious juices - ones that will fuel your cells with energy and provide you with all the wonders that natural fruits and vegetables provide. Drinking a glass of fresh juice from an Omega J8006 can energize your mornings and brighten your day. I highly recommend the Omega J8006 Juice Extractor - it has been an one of the greatest additions to my home kitchen and has helped me get on a great path to health and wellness.

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