Saturday, August 2, 2014

Top Rated KitchenAid Mixers for Making Bread

There's a Kitchenaid Stand Mixer For Everyone! 

Millions of homemakers and commercial cooks around the world enjoy the benefits of using a KitchenAid stand mixer and once you use one, you too will join the fan club!

With 16 models to choose from, there's a mixer for literally every cook, whether he or she is feeding two people or many times that number.

This legendary mixer dates all the way back to 1919, when the first model was released. It became an instant success among homemakers and many thousands of them were sold each year.

Their design and appearance stayed constant until 1955, when customers were first presented with several colors to choose from and today's consumers can select one of 40 colors and finishes.

From yellow pepper to high gloss cinnamon, these great looking mixers are sure to complement any kitchen's decor.

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