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Best Top Rated Infrared Grills 2014

Infrared Outdoor Grills - The New Way to Grill

The infrared grill uses a newer form of technology that cooks meat directly instead of using the convection method of the traditional barbecue grill.

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This is a popular and effective way of grilling because it produces steaks that are seared and cooked to perfection on the outside and tender on the inside.

Grills that use the infrared technology were till late only used in restaurants and commercial establishment and have only now started making their way into households and backyards, patios and pool sides. The reason for the late entry of this technology into the household segment was the high cost - an infrared grill could set you back by a whopping few thousand dollars, depending on how large the unit was.

Best Infrared Grills Reviews and Ratings 2014

The larger of the infrared grills were, in fact, more expensive than the average cookout enthusiast could afford to install in his backyard or patio. It was only after the patent on the technology expired that manufacturers were able to provide these grills at lower cost for consumer use.
With the cost of the technology substantially reduced, the infrared burner and grill are now making inroads into the domestic segment.
What explains the growing popularity of the infrared technology? The answer is that it provides some superior functionality. A lot of cooks prefer the shorter cooking times that these grills entail, along with the superior results in meat cooking that they provide.

Some grillers confirm that meat cooked on the infrared grill is by far more succulent and tender than that cooked on any other grill. This is because instead of the one large flame that covers the entire meat, the infrared grill heats the meat through.

The higher temperatures that an infrared grill uses may have something to do with the results of the grilling. While most other grills, such as the gas and the charcoal cook at a temperature of about 700 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit, the infrared cooks at a huge 900 degrees.
In addition, the infrared is a good looking appliance. Mostly made of stainless steel, it can have as many accessories as do the other outdoor grills. A lot of units come built in with storage space, cabinets, burners, and warming areas. They also come in with electrical ignition.
The infrared grills have come under some criticism as well. While the high temperatures produced by infrared grills are better suited to cooking denser meats, they may not be so conducive to cooking softer meats such as fish, as also vegetables and fruits. Also, mastering the infrared grill is not an easy task. A lot of people need serious practice before they can turn out decent steaks on the infrared.
There are health hazards involved with cooking at high temperatures as well. Cooking meats at temperatures above 500 degrees Fahrenheit can lead to charring, which in turn has been found to produce carcinogenic compounds. If you are using an infrared grill to cook meats, it is important that you keep a close eye on the meat to ensure that it does not get charred.
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